The Process of Review


The project completes, the product is released, you’ve published; good for you.  You think that’s it? You think that makes you a success?  To paraphrase O-Ren Ishii, You didn’t think it was gonna be that easy did you?  Silly rabbit.  Now the hard work begins.  How do you maintain the creative bar, the consistency, the quality?  The answer is review; constantly; and never stop.

You remember the brand document you wrote?  The pillars you set?  These are the elements which define your rand, not what colour you paint it.

Test everything you generate against these pillars; does it pass?  By what margin?  Are you continually raising the bar?

Ask yourself: have I decided that if we acheive this standard each time, then we are consistent? Or should my measure be to exceed these parameters by a greater margin each time.


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