Remember the Book


so, you went to college, right? And you had fun? Ideas came easy? Life was good. You carried a sketchbook.

Do it again.

Sketching is about generation; about multiple concepts, the ability to separate then connect ideas.

How many times did a maths teacher tell you to show your working out, your calculations.

Do this and if you get the ‘answer’ wrong, you can look back and see the point at which you failed.

It’s not design ego which tells us everything we generate comes from two sources; the combination of our output and our input.  That wich comes from within us; our personal thoughts, our generation, our problem solving, has been influenced by our inspiration.

Sketching allows us to sort through the detritus, separating the wheat from the chaff.  It allows us to anylise, to dissect, to rationalise. all before we waste time on generation and polish.


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